Dr. Md. Mafizur Rahman

Dr. Md. Mafizur Rahman is a veteran consultant in the field of oncology. He successfully established himself as a medical professional in the year 1985, when he passed his MBBS from Chittagong medical college. After the successful completion of MBBS, Dr. Mafizur Rahman completed his MD on Radiation oncology in 2008 from Dhaka University.

Prior to working as a consultant in Samorita Hospital limited as a consultant, Dr. Mafizur Rahman had accumulated vast knowledge in the field of Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, Critical care management. He has also accumulated a vast experience in advanced radiotherapy treatment planning. He also showed a special interest in Neurological, Head-neck and upper gland malignency.

Dr. Md. Mafizur Rahman is also currently working as an assistant professor in Radiation oncology at National Institute of Cancer research and Hospital in Dhaka.

Dr. Mafizur Rahman is also involved in multiple charitable causes. For the welfare of the poor people of our society, he conducted multiple free health camp. Apart from that, he is also involved in a free medical camp in Rupganj of Narayanganj.

Dr. Md Mafizur Rahman attended multiple seminars and workshop. Some of the notable seminars he participated includes Workshop on detection and management of early gastric cancer at Tokyo, Japan, SAARC federation of oncologist conference at Dhaka in 2012, SFO conference in Nepal in 2013, International conference on Recent update of Oncology in NICRH and workshop on national guideline of gastric cancer management at DGHS, Dhaka 2013.

Prof. (Dr.) Md. Mahbubur Rahman

Prof (Dr.) Md. Mahbubur Rahman is an specialist in haemato- Oncology. He emrged as a professional dr. after passing his MBBS degree from Dhaka Medical College in 1987. He is currently working as Professor & Head , dept. of haematology NICRH and Chairman , Faculty of Haematology, BCPS. He was Asstt. professor in Chittagong Medical College.

He has established Haematology department at cancer hospital.

He got his FCPS haematology in 1995.

He also attended seminars & conferancesin Bangladesh, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Nepal etc.

He was born in 1st january in 1964.

Prof. Dr. Sarwar Alam

Prof. Dr. Sarwar Alam is a professional consultant in the field of Oncology. He emerged as a professional consultant in the year 1984, when he passed his MBBS from Rangpur Medical College. After the completion of MBBS, he went on to study DIH from NIPSOM. After the completion of DIH in 1990, eventually, Prof. Dr. Sarwar Alam successfully successfully completed his MPhil in radiotherapy in 2000.

Prior to joining Samorita Hospital limited as a professional consultant, Prof. Dr. Sarwar Alam gained a rich work experience of 16 years by working as a government physician in various parts of our country. Apart from his role as a consultant, in Samorita hospital limited, Prof. Dr. Sarwar Islam holds the topmost position in the department of oncology in Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical university (BSMMU).

In more than a decade, as a professional doctor, Prof. Dr. Sarwar Alam made massive contribution in he development of the field of Oncology. He played a pivotal role in establishment of different services of Oncology department of BSMMU, He played a major role in introduction of brachytherapy center in BSMMU. Furthermore, every now and then, he conducts research for students in oncology department.

Prof. Dr. Sarwar Alam has engaged himself in various humanitarian causes. Apart from his professional activities, he is actively participating in Bangladesh Cancer Hospital as an honorary consultant.

Prof. Dr. Sarwar Alam attended multiple conferences during his professional life. He attended at least 10 conferences in abroad. Apart from that, he attended multiple conferences and seminars in Bangladesh

Dr. Mojibur Rahman Khan

Dr. Mojibur Rahman Khan is a dedicated member in the oncology unit of Samorita Hospital Limited. His journey as a Medical professional started in 2001- the year he passed his MBBS from Chittagong Medical College. In the year 2013, he successfully completed his FCPS on Radiotherapy.

Prior to joining Samorita Hospital Limited as a consultant, Dr. Mojibur was a member of oncology unit in Delta Medical Centre.

Apart from regular practice, Dr. Mojibur Rahman is teaching students of FCPS part 2 and MD final part oncology student. Dr. Mojibur Rahman has been critically acclaimed for his relentless efforts in building next generation medical professionals, who he believes, holds the key in revolutionizing the field of oncology.

Dr. Mojibur Rahman is also a devoted social worker – he is involved with charitable organizations like Khan foundation, where he serves poor patients for free.

Dr. Mojibur Rahman has also participated in notable training programs like: 28 day oncology program at University of Kebang saan, Malaysia, Hands on Training in Oncology (Arranged by DGHS)and so on.