Alhaj Mockbul Hossain

Alhaj Mockbul Hossain

Alhaj Mockbul Hossain
Former M.P. & C.I.P.

Alhaj Mockbul Hossain owns a distinct and multitalented life who born in a renowned Muslim family in Bikrampur. In his student life he started his education as a meritorious student. He obtained M.A. LL.B. degree from Dhaka University. He is a senior Advocate of Bangladesh Supreme Court and a life term member of the Bar Association.

In school life his leadership firstly was flourished as a school Captain. He was very much affectionate to the father of the nation Banga Bhandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. In the National Assembly election of the year 1996 he became elected as M.P. Other than parliament member he is a devoted man to education, successful businessman, Industrialist, lawyer and a well organizer.

Among the Educationist, business man, industrialist Alhaj Mockbul Hossain is an established person. He is the founder President of Dhaka International University, City University, Alhaz Mockbul Hossain University College, Mohammadpur Kendrio Biswabiddalaya College, M.H. Samorita Medical College & Hospital, Mohammadpur Law College, City Textile Engineering Institute, City institute of Diploma Engineering & IT, Mohammadpur Islamic Center (Hafijia Madrasa & Etim Khana), Purabi General Insurance Company Ltd., Sandhani Life Insurance Co. Ltd., Sandhani Credit Co-operatives Society Ltd., Panna Textile Mills Ltd., Panna Spinning Mills Ltd., Amico laboratories Limited, Mona Financial Consultancy and Securities Ltd., Mona Group of Garments Industries, Mona Properties Complex, Mona Printing & Packaging Industries, it’s Chairman & Editor of Daily Al Amin.

As a leader of govt. & non govt. team and as a business man he traveled in around 40 countries of the world.

He founded a modern hospital in his village house in the name of his parents to serve the poor people of the villages.

For exceptional contribution in education sector he was honored with national medal. For special contribution in social service he got Sher E Bangla National Gold Medal award, Banga Bhandhu National Gold Medal award, Shahid Sarwardy National Gold Medal award, Justice Abu Sayeed Gold Medal award, Shahid Bodiujzaman Gold Medal award, Amra Surjamukhi Gold Medal award and Bangladesh Development Sangsad Gold Medal award. He has been passing his life relentlessly for social development activities.