Prof. Reaz Ahmed Chowdhury

Prof. Dr. Reaz Ahmed Chowdhury
Vice Chairman

Prof. Dr. Reaz Ahmed Chowdhury (Parvez) was born in January 1964 in a respectable Muslim family in Dhaka. Prof. Reaz obtained his MBBS Degree from Dhaka Medical College (Batch K- 38) in 1987. Then he obtained FCPS degree in Surgery from BCPS in 1997.

Prof. Reaz joined Bangladesh Medical College in the Department of Surgery in 1997. Currently he is working as a professor of the Department. He got higher training in Laparoscopy surgery from Singapore University Hospital. He travelled many countries including United Kingdom, United States, Thailand, India etc.

Alhaj Mockbul Hossain

Alhaj Mockbul Hossain
Former M.P. & C.I.P.

Alhaj Mockbul Hossain owns a distinct and multitalented life who born in a renowned Muslim family in Bikrampur. In his student life he started his education as a meritorious student. He obtained M.A. LL.B. degree from Dhaka University. He is a senior Advocate of Bangladesh Supreme Court and a life term member of the Bar Association.

In school life his leadership firstly was flourished as a school Captain. He was very much affectionate to the father of the nation Banga Bhandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. In the National Assembly election of the year 1996 he became elected as M.P. Other than parliament member he is a devoted man to education, successful businessman, Industrialist, lawyer and a well organizer.

Among the Educationist, business man, industrialist Alhaj Mockbul Hossain is an established person. He is the founder President of Dhaka International University, City University, Alhaz Mockbul Hossain University College, Mohammadpur Kendrio Biswabiddalaya College, M.H. Samorita Medical College & Hospital, Mohammadpur Law College, City Textile Engineering Institute, City institute of Diploma Engineering & IT, Mohammadpur Islamic Center (Hafijia Madrasa & Etim Khana), Purabi General Insurance Company Ltd., Sandhani Life Insurance Co. Ltd., Sandhani Credit Co-operatives Society Ltd., Panna Textile Mills Ltd., Panna Spinning Mills Ltd., Amico laboratories Limited, Mona Financial Consultancy and Securities Ltd., Mona Group of Garments Industries, Mona Properties Complex, Mona Printing & Packaging Industries, it’s Chairman & Editor of Daily Al Amin.

As a leader of govt. & non govt. team and as a business man he traveled in around 40 countries of the world.

He founded a modern hospital in his village house in the name of his parents to serve the poor people of the villages.

For exceptional contribution in education sector he was honored with national medal. For special contribution in social service he got Sher E Bangla National Gold Medal award, Banga Bhandhu National Gold Medal award, Shahid Sarwardy National Gold Medal award, Justice Abu Sayeed Gold Medal award, Shahid Bodiujzaman Gold Medal award, Amra Surjamukhi Gold Medal award and Bangladesh Development Sangsad Gold Medal award. He has been passing his life relentlessly for social development activities.

Mr. Manish Barai

Mr. Manish Barai is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Samorita Hospital Ltd. He has done BBS, MBS in Accounting from Govt. Titumir College after which completed Chartered Accountancy Course from A. Matin & Co., Chartered Accountants under The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh (ICAB). He has partly completed CA Knowledge level. Following the completion of his CA articleship course, Mr. Manish Barai joined A. Matin & Co, Chartered Accountants as a Senior Audit Manager. He served as the Head of Internal Audit team of Bangladesh Creditays INC. He then joined B.R Trade Intl. Ltd. as its Head of Finance. Later he joined Samorita Hospital Ltd. in early 2016. He has more than 5 five years of professional experience in the field of Govt. Organization, Financial Institution, NGOs, Bank, Manufacturing companies and other Private companies.

Intensive Care Unit

We provide state of the art specialized personal care for every critical patient on 1:1 basis nursing service supervised by trained ICU doctors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our ICU Services & Facilities are :

24 hours supervision underguidence of highly trained consultant with 10 years overseas experience in ICU.
24 hours presence of internist and ICU doctors .
24 hours trained nursing staff for each individual patient.
Central monitoring system.
Hi-Tech vital sign monitor for every patient.
Invasive & non invasive Haemodynamic monitoring system.
BIS monitoring for assessment of brain activity
Syringe & infusion pumps for metered medications and accurate volume infusions.
Ultramodern ventilator with monitoring facilities for patient’s own breathing effort
Instant ABG analysis within ICU
Instant electrolyte assessment within ICU
Portable vantilators for transporting patients within the hospital for various purposes like CT scan, MRI etc. and for bringing vantilated patients from other hospitals
Portable X-ray machine within ICU
Bed side Echocardiogram and Ultrasonogram
Facility to implant temporary pacemaker
IABP facility for maintaining blood pressure in circulatory failure patients
Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) for patients who are unable to have enteral nutrition
Highly specialized physiotherapy services

CT Scan – Multi Slice

Since its introduction in the 1970s, CT has become an important tool in medical imaging to supplement x-rays and medical ultrasonography. It has more recently been used for preventive medicine or screening for disease, for example CT colonography for patients with a high risk of colon cancer, or full-motion heart scans for patients with high risk of heart disease. A number of institutions offer full-body scans for the general population although this practice goes against the advice and official position of many professional organizations in the field.

Our features:

Reduce the radiation risk by up to 40%.
500 Slice multi detector CT Scan gives high quality image.
Reduces the scan time.
Clear image helps to get accurate results.
Latest ASRI Technology reduces distortions.


The Radiology & Imaging department provides extensive services to our patients with 500 slice CT Scan, HD 1.5 Telsa MRI, Computed Radiology & Digital Mammography, 2D Ultrasonography with colour Doppler facilities:

500 Slice CT Scan

Reduce the radiation risk by up to 40%
500 Slice multi detector CT Scan gives high quality image
Reduces the scan time
Clear image helps to get accurate results
Latest ASRI Technology reduces distortions.

Who Should undergo cardiac CT Angiogram?

Asymptomatic persons with the following risk factors:

High blood pressure (>140 / 90mm of Hg).
Family H / O heart disease.
Sedentary lifestyle (exercise less than three times a week).
Overweight by 20% or more.
High stress lifestyle.
Men over 45 years old.
Woman over 55 years old.

Symptomatic persons need it for:

Detection and characterization of coronary artery occlusive lesions due to atherosclerosis.
Follow up assessment of bypass Grafts, stent patency etc.
Detection and characterization of coronary artery anomalies, aneurysms etc.
Funtional cardiac assessment
Characterization of congenital heart disease.
Detection of cardiac masses, pericardial diseases.

Apart from its extensive applications in cardiology the 64 slice VCT Scanner is used in.

Cerebral, Abdominal and peripheral Angiography.
Cerebral perfusion studies.
High definition images of Brain, Thoracic and Abdominal ogans.
High defination images of Brain, Thoracic and Abdominal organs.
HRCT of lungs and temporal bone.
Virtual Endoscopy.
Maxillo-facial evaluation.
3 dimentional studies of bones, joints and spines.

High Defination 1.5 Telsa MRI:

The system’s innovative high definition technology enables acquisition of high resolution images of the body at a faster rate, paving the way for widespread but targeted clinical application.

The system provides good imaging speed and clarity with excellent resolution and better tissue identification.
The system perform the scan within half the time of the standard MRI.
In Addition to faster scanning time and better image quality, it offers it’s patient advanced with HDMR, such as:

Brain imaging with uncompromised image quality, despite patient motion.
Functional imaging to identify brain activity following a stroke.
Vascular imaging.
Evaluation of diabetic patient for low blood flow to the lower legs.
Extremely high-resolution images in the abdomen, for liver exams, with shorter breath holds, and better organ coverage than previously possible.
High-resolution images of Musculoskeletal system.

3D / 4D Ultrasonography with color Doppler facilities:

The main advantage of this new technology include improved assessment of complex anatomic structures, surface scan-analysis of minor defects, volumetric measutements of organs, spatial presentation of blood flow information and 3D examination of fetal skeleton. Modern 3D systems are capable of generating surface and transparent views depicting the sculpture-line reconstruction of surface structures of the X-ray-like images of fetal skeletal anatomy. Color Doppler facilities provides imaging and evaluation of vascular system.

Computed Radiography & Mammography:

Computed Radiography and Mommography is an advanced manipulation technology that can provide excellent imaging for cetection of lesions.

Observation Unit

Previous research has shown that observation units in a hospital can be an efficient way to care for certain patients, but only about one-third of hospitals in the United States have such units. Now, researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) estimate that maximizing the potential of an observation unit in a hospital could result in $4.6 million in savings annually for the hospital and $3.1 billion in overall savings for the health care system in the United States. These findings are published online by Health Affairs and will also appear in the journal’s October issue.

“We believe that this is the first attempt to quantify the financial impact of an observation unit,” said Christopher Baugh, MD, lead researcher on the paper and a physician in the Emergency Department at BWH. “Wider use of observation units may play a significant role in saving cost for the health care system and future policies that are focused on doing so should include support for observation units as an alternative tin short-stay inpatient admission,” Dr. Baugh said.


Comprehensive outpatient services

Acute assessment clinic.

Fast track glaucoma screening clinic.

Day case surgery at Samorita Eye Clinic Hospital

PHACO surgery and I. O. L. transplant


Urology , also known as genitourinary surgery, is the branch of medicine that focuses on the surgical and medical diseases of the male and female urinary tract system and the male reproductive organs. The organs under the domain of urology include the kidneysadrenal glandsuretersurinary bladderurethra, and the male reproductive organs (testesepididymisvas deferensseminal vesiclesprostate and penis).

Our services:

Emergency Urology at Samorita.

Elective and day case Urology.

Flexible cystoscopy unit at Samorita.

Fast-track service for Haematuria at Samorita.

One-stop prostate clinics.

Access to mobile lithotripter.

Competitive inpatient and outpatient waiting times.

Doctor led pre-operative assessment

Physical Services

The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation unit offers comprehensive diagnosis, evaluation and treatment for adults and children with physical disabilities. The Department’s physiatrists are certified Physiotherapists who work with an interdisciplinary team to restore physical function, relieve pain and minimize the psychological, social and vocational effects of disability.